Here at Gemini, conservation is of paramount importance. Which is why its construction will use only the latest and most ecologically innovative materials and technologies. Technologies such as energy–saving low-e argon windows, low-flow toilets, faucets and shower heads to save water, and garbage chutes that make recycling simple and effective.

In the interest of reducing our own environmental footprint, all building materials will be purchased from local sources (where possible). This effectively reduces any long-distance transportation and its resulting impact on the environment.


Gemini will be heated and cooled by a geothermal system; a technology that is an energy–efficient, cost-efficient and earth–friendly alternative to conventional heating and air–conditioning systems.

It’s simple, really. The earth absorbs heat from the sun, and 8’ below the surface the ground retains a constant temperature of 10°C all year round. Geothermal pipes that circulate water are installed in the ground, extracting heat in the winter and releasing heat in the summer. Geothermal heat pumps installed inside the building compress heat from the system and convert it into warm air that is circulated, providing the building with heat. In the summer, the process is simply reversed to provide air conditioning.

The benefits are that geothermal heating and cooling systems require less electricity to run and use zero fossil fuels. No greenhouse gas emissions are emitted and they in no way contribute to global warming. Plus, geothermal energy is an unlimited resource and will never be affected by fluctuating gas prices.

Geothermal - Green Energy